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  • 10 vibes for Elazığ

    like locals

    You should have breakfast with tulum cheese, milk, cream, butter and hand-rolled patila obtained from animals grown in the natural pastures of Elazığ.

    You should listen to Elazığ legends and folk songs and get to know the local culture by watching folk dances.

    You should visit the Grand Bazaar and Coppersmith’s Bazaar to see local products from dairy products, Cevizli Sucuk , Pestil, kofik, molasses, almond sugar, mulberry molasses and dried fruits called Eşbabiye, to Elazığ’s eight-sided hat and copper kitchen utensils and do shopping.

    You should taste Harput Köfte, Harput Küncülü İçli Köfte, Gömbe, cheese bread, Kofik Stuff, and trout grown in Çırçır Waterfall or Keban Dam, AğınLeblebi, sour cherry ice cream and other local Elazığ dishes beyond one hundred.

    You should enjoy swimming and water sports in Keban Dam and Hazar Lake in summer and walking by the lake and the delicacies of the restaurants here in spring or winter.

    You should ski against the lake view in winter on Hazarbaba Mountain.

    You should visit Harput and go on a historical journey in Harput Castle, Cemşit Bey Bath, Virgin Mary Church and Ulu Mosque.

    You should visit Elazığ tombs and listen to the life stories, miracles, philosophies and legends of scholars.

    You should visit the Black Stork Canyon by boat, see the caves here and the rare black storks in the world, and trekking in Saklıkapı Canyon.

    You should relax in the healing thermal waters of Golan Thermsl Springs and the natural beauty of Peri Suyu Valley.

    You should go to Ağın district and see the restored historical houses there, and see the Bademli Rock Tombs, Hastek Castle, Balkaya Lake, historical plane trees, and witness the traditional production and taste of Ağın Leblebi, unique to Elazığ, that has not changed for centuries.