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    Euphrates River and Keban Dam Lake

    These two important assets are of great importance for Türkiye as well as for the city. With the Keban Dam (Keban Barajı), which was established as a hydroelectric power plant, Elazığ’s climate became milder, agricultural products diversified and various recreation areas and restaurants were established around the dam lake. Aquaculture and hunting are also carried out in Keban Dam Lake. There are paths suitable for nature walks in the area. There is also a floating Olympic pool for swimming safely in the Dam Lake.

    In addition, rafting has been started to be performed for the last two years on the Murat River, which is one of the branches of the Euphrates River in Elazığ. Thus, the wide range of nature and adventure sports opportunities in the province increased and Elazığ became an attractive destination that offers activities to its visitors in all four seasons.

    Hazar Lake

    Hazar Lake (Hazar Gölü) is a tectonic lake located 30 km from Elazığ city center. The deepest part of the lake, which is 22 km in circumference and 84 km² in area, is 216 meters. The lake is one of the main springs of the Dicle River (Dicle Nehri) and one of Türkiye’s most scenic lakes. There are hotels, beaches, camping areas, recreation areas and fish restaurants around the lake, which has become the holiday center of Elazığ in summer. Boat tours are organized to the small islets and Sunken City, accompanied by the unique view of the lake. In addition, various sports activities such as diving, canoeing, paragliding, parasailing, jet-ski, water skiing, pedalo and bicycle tours are also carried out. 

    Sunken City

    Sunken City (Batık Şehir) is an ancient settlement that is under the waters of Hazar Lake and spreads over an area of approximately 2.5 km2. It was discovered and taken under protection in 1991. According to research, there was a church built in the highest part of the island in the lake, which was built before the 11th century, which also features a castle or chateau. The church, called “Surp Nişan”, became the “Cathogicos” center, which is equivalent to the Papacy for Gregorian Christians, and later this center was moved to Rumkale in Halfeti, Şanlıurfa. After the move, Surp Nişan Church maintained its feature of being a visiting center thanks to the sacred items (holy cross, a burden animal believed to belong to one of the apostles or the Prophet Jesus, a stone basin believed to have been washed in it, etc.). It is known that the 50-60-house Gölcük Village, located on the island on the Hazar Lake, preserved its existence until the 20th century and its people made living through agriculture, tailoring, weaving and dyeing. The island, where the village and the church are located, is today registered as Church Island, Sunken City and Adatepe Archeological Site and is visited by boat as the “Sunken City”.

    Hazar Baba Ski Resort

    The Hazar Baba Ski Center (Hazar baba Kayak Merkezi) offers the opportunity to ski on the Hazar Baba Mountain at an altitude of 2,347 meters in Sivrice district, where Lake Hazar is located, at an altitude of 1850 meters, with a magnificent lake view. The resort serves ski lovers with a wide range of facilities such as ski slope, chair lift, children’s sleigh, snow bike rental, accommodation, cafeteria, ski equipment rental and training in December-March period.

    Golan Thermal Springs

    Elazığ also offers its visitors thermal springs with thermal and healing waters. Golan Thermal Springs support the treatment of many ailments, especially skin and rheumatism, among all the natural beauties of Peri Suyu Valley, and includes facilities such as accommodation, restaurant and thermal spring pool. Visitors who relieve stress and various ailments in the spa can take nature walks in Peri Suyu Valley and occasionally get the chance to see the mountain goats, one of the most beautiful examples of Elazığ’s wildlife, during these walks.

    Elazığ Cherry Marble

    Alacakaya district of Elazığ is the only place in the world where the special burgundy marble known as Elazığ Cherry (Elazığ Cherry or Rosso Levanto) is produced. This marble is exported to 65 countries around the world due to its special color, visual beauty and scarcity. This marble is also preferred in the White House, the administrative center of the USA, and in the Masjid al-Haram surrounding the Kaaba, which is a sacred place for Muslims.

    Handicraft Products

    It is possible to find a wide variety of handicraft products in Elazığ. The eight-pointed hat, one of the most striking of these, is a traditional and city-specific accessory that is produced by hand. In addition, needle lace, carpet weaving, rug making, and copper work are among the traditional handicrafts that come to the fore in Elazığ. In order to keep traditional handicrafts alive today and specially to support women producers, Elazığ Municipality established Handicraft Bazaar (El Emeği Göz Nuru Çarşısı) in Harput. Women in Elazığ can offer many products they produce in their homes, such as lace, needle lace, knitting, embroidery, jewelry, stonework, ornaments, and colorful soaps, at the Handicraft Market, allocated to them free of charge by Elazığ Municipality.