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  • 48 hours

    in Elazığ

    First Day

    After having breakfast in Cultural Park, which is the biggest recreation area of Elazığ, you should go to Harput. Here you should see Harput Castle and the Virgin Mary Church, one of the oldest places of worship in the Anatolian lands that are still in use today. Afterwards, the historical Harput Ulu Mosque and Şefik Gül Culture House should be visited and the architecture and culture of the region should be witnessed. Kurşunlu Mosque, which is another historical building, should be visited and you should take a rest in the shade of monumental plane trees in its garden. Afterwards, you should watch the Balak Gazi Monument and the panoramic view of Harput from the observation deck in the park of the same name and take a break for the local Çedene Coffee. After Harput, you should go to Keban district and have lunch with the trout grown here, accompanied by the natural beauty of the Çırçır Waterfall. Then you should go to the city center and visit the Grand Bazaar and Coppersmith’s Bazaar as the last activity of the day. Elazığ folk songs should be listened to at the famous Kürsübaşı Nights.

    Second Day

    After having breakfast in Eskibaglar vineyard, you should take a boat tour on Lake Hazar and see the famous Sunken City. You should visit Hazarbaba Ski Center and do skiing and sledding in winter, paragliding, trekking and paragliding in spring or summer. From here, you should visit Palu and enjoy local delicacies such as Palu fry, kellecoş, Harput köfte and kofik stuff for lunch. You should cross the historical Palu Bridge on the Murat River and see the Palu Castle and the Palu Urartian Inscription. Then you should visit Palu Ulu Mosque, Palu Historical Church, bath and mosque ruins. Alternatively, you should take a nature walk in the Saklıkapı Canyon of Baskil district until the banks of the Euphrates River. Then, you should sail to the Black Stork Canyon by boat over the Euphrates River, and you should enjoy the magnificent scenery, while observing the rare black storks. For dinner, you should go to Kömürhan to taste the famous Kömürhan fried meat.