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    Harput Buzluk Cave 

    Harput Buzluk Cave (Harput Buzluk Mağarası) is a natural wonder with a depth of 150-200 meters among the rocks called ice stone. Thanks to the geomorphological feature and shape of the cave, the ice naturally forms in the cave during the hot summer months due to the climatic conditions here, and there is no ice in the winter months. Therefore, as a result of the underground air current, the cave becomes hot in winters and cold in summers.

    Black Stork Canyon (Kara Leylek Kanyonu) is a natural wonder area where the Black Storks, whose number is estimated to be 10-15 thousand pairs in the world, nest. The canyon is located on the Euphrates River within the boundaries of Baskil district of Elazığ. Extending for about three kilometers along the Euphrates River, Black Stork Canyon hosts many caves. The most important of these caves is Tepesidelik Cave. With the collapse of the middle section on the top of the cave, the entrance part has formed a natural bridge. There is also a freshwater spring flowing from the ceiling in the cave. Transportation to the canyon is provided by boats.

    Saklıkapı Canyon

    Saklıkapı Canyon (Saklıkapı Kanyonu) is located within the boundaries of Baskil district of Elazığ. The canyon was formed by the Sığdın Stream, one of the tributaries of the Euphrates River. There are rock blocks falling from high slopes at the base of the natural wonder canyon, which fascinates those who see it with its carstic formations and natural and interesting surface shapes. Fossilized remains of creatures that lived under the sea millions of years ago have been found in these blocks.

    The canyon, which is about three kilometers long, varies between five and 150 meters in height and one to 50 meters in width. The canyon, one end of which opens to the Euphrates River, is also a unique trekking track for adventure and nature lovers.

    Reverse Tulip 

    Reverse Tulip creates a visual feast for visitors with its vivid color and elegant flowers, especially in Arıcak district of Elazığ. Reverse Tulip, an endemic species specific to the region, is also known as the flower of sadness or the weeping bride due to its flower pointing towards the ground.