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    Elazığ cuisine is one of the rich and well-established Anatolian cuisines. It bears the traces of traditional Turkish cuisine culture. In Elazığ cuisine, dishes such as tutmach, umachashı, anamashı, black roasting, dating back to the Oghuzes, still exist today. Many of the dishes that are shaped according to the climate, geographical characteristics and the variety of products grown in the region are unique to Elazığ only. In addition to having fertile soils in terms of grain, vegetable, fruit and plant diversity, livestock farming in the region determined the general characteristics of Elazığ dishes and allowed emergence of main dishes with plenty of butter, cereals and meat. 

    Lobik Soup

    Lobik is a small-grain plant like cowpea and the main ingredient of Lobik Soup is cowpea. It is very spicy, filling and nutritious soup rich in ingredients.

    Cheese Bread

    Cheese Bread is made by kneading unsalted cheese with sugar on the yeast dough prepared in the form of pita and then baking it in traditional ovens. It is a very popular and commonly consumed food in Elazığ.

    Harput Köfte

    Harput Köfte are made by adding bulgur, onion, tomato paste and various spices to minced meat and it is a delicious and healthy option of the local cuisine.


    Kofik is a local meal prepared by emptying the dried peppers and eggplants in the summer, then boiling them and filling them with bulgur, minced meat, onion, butter, tomato paste and various spices.

    Öküzgözü and Boğazkere Grapes

    Around 60 different grape types are grown in Elazığ. This fruit is the city’s most important agricultural product. Two of these grapes, Öküzgözü and Boğazkere grapes, are geographic indication products of Elazığ. Öküzgözü, a dark colored and fleshy grape with large round grains, and Boğazkere grapes, which are also dark colored and aromatic, give very successful results as wine grapes. Although wine is produced by a few facilities in the region, these boutique wines are of high quality enough to receive many awards!

    Exported to many parts of the country and consumed as fruit, these grapes are also used in making Cevizli Sucuk Cevizli Sucuk and Pestil, which are among the important flavors of Elazığ.

    Cevizli Sucuk

    Cevizli Sucuk, which is made in villages in Elazığ and consumed as a snack in winter, is now a well-known and popular product throughout Türkiye. Cevizli Sucuk, which is started being made in the vintage season, goes through difficult and demanding stages.

    Cevizli Sucuk is made by threading almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, chocolate and sometimes raisins, and dipping in dark grape juice and then drying them.


    Pestil is a favorite dessert made in many provinces of Türkiye. However, it can be said that the Pestil made from grapes grown in Elazığ is different from the others.

    Also made of mulberry and figs in different provinces, the Pestil is usually made using grapes in Elazığ. Pestil is obtained by giving the Pestil into a leaf shape under pressure and keeping it for the winter months.

    Ağın Leblebisi 

    Ağın Leblebisi (Roasted Chickpea) is produced by boiling a special type of chickpea grown ecologically in the Ağın district of Elazığ with traditional methods and roasting in sand and producing it by hand labor. This delicious and natural nut is known for its long-term freshness.

    Çedene Coffee

    Çedene Coffee is produced from the fruit of the wild pistachio tree known as Çedene in Elazığ and as Menengiç throughout the country and has a unique aroma. There are scientific studies on that Çedene Coffee (Çedene Kahvesi) helps to strengthen immunity, treat respiratory and digestive problems, and purify the body from toxins.

    Sour Cherry Ice Cream 

    Sour cherry ice cream obtained from the delicious cherries grown in Elazığ’s fertile soil, which allows the cultivation of dozens of different products, is famous for its production without additives and has recently being sent to Türkiye and abroad with deep freezing.