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  • Elazığ GoTürkiye

    Located in the Upper Euphrates Section of Eastern Anatolia, Elazığ is the homeland of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers that gave life water to Mesopotamia and is a city that has been kneaded with fertile lands and Anatolian culture on a peninsula surrounded by water on three sides, like Türkiye, the home of dozens of civilizations.

    The history of Elazığ goes back to the Paleolithic periods around 10,000 BCE, according to archaeological findings. Elazığ is an ancient settlement area whose name is referred to as “İshuva” in written Hittite sources 4,000 years ago. This ancient past brings along tolerance and a rich local cuisine, proving the suitability of “Al-Azık (wealth and abundance)”, the word from which the name of the province derived.

    Elazığ is home to dozens of different natural beauties and tourism assets from the Euphrates River to the Peri Suyu rivers, from the Keban Dam, the second largest dam in Türkiye, as well as the Hazar and Karakaya lakes, the Hazarbaba Ski Center to the beaches.

    For those who are interested in nature, faith, history, sports and gastronomy, Elazığ awaits you with its many assets worth exploring!